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Open XML Demo Pack is a project containing 8 innovative scenarios where you can use Office Open XML File Formats. Each scenario is implemented in a Demo/Proof-of-concept way to show the feasibility. If you are interested in any scenario, you can download the source code and try in your machine. You can also copy and paste any part of the source code, since its licenced under MS-PL.

Office Open XML is a new file format standard which aims to be Open, Forward-looking and Compatible with previous Office formats. You can manipulate Office Open XML using any language/platform where you find ZIP and XML libraries.

Open XML is a file format full of opportunities and full of new scenarios. Enjoy the Demos and send us your feedback!

br.png Descrição do Projeto

O projeto Demos Open XML contém 8 cenários inovadores onde é possível aplicar o Formato de Arquivos Open XML. Cada cenário é implementado através de uma Demo/Prova-de-conceito de forma a mostrar sua viabilidade. Caso se interesse por qualquer um dos cenários, faça o download do código-fonte e experiemtne em seu próprio computador. Você pode também copiar e colar qualquer parte do código-fonte, uma vez que este projeto é disponibilizado sob a licença MS-PL.

O Office Open XML é um novo padrão para formato de arquivos que tem como objetivo ser Aberto, Prospectivo (para armazenamento em longo prazo) e Compatível com os formatos anteriores da suíte de escritório Microsoft Office. É possível manipular os arquivos Office Open XML usando qualquer linguagem/plataforma onde existam bibliotecas ZIP e XML.

Open XML é um formato de arquivos cheio de oportunidades e cheio de novos cenários. Aproveite as Demos e nos envie seu feedback!


Developed by Applied Information Technology Lab (LTIA) - São Paulo State University (Unesp) - Bauru Campus

Demo 01 - Platform Interoperability

This application intends to demonstrate the interoperability between different platforms and how you can make use of Custom XML for round trip report generation and data retrieving. This demonstration was developed using Java language, running on top of a Linux environment based on OpenSuse 10.2, Apache Tomcat 5 and MySQL 4.


Demo 02 - Web Content Interoperability

This demonstration introduces how we can use text editors compatible to OpenXML, like Microsoft Office Word 2007, to produce content for web publishing. In this way, we can use our traditional desktop editors, avoiding the use of “rich-text” editors developed in javascript and mostly used on web sites. The advantage of this scenario is the comfort and easiness provided by desktop editors like Microsoft Office Word 2007, because they have more usability and are more user-friendly than the editors running on web browsers.

Demo02-Document-thumbnail.png Demo02-Upload-thumbnail.png Demo02-Post-thumbnail.png
Screenshots - Demo02

Demo 03 - Presentation Reuse

This application has the objective of demonstrating how the Office Open XML file format can be used on presentation reuse scenarios. Through a web interface, two PresentationML files are uploaded to the server and their respectitive slides are rendered in HTML lists.

Demo 04 - Document Reusing

This demonstration ilustrates a scanario of reusing of an existing docx (WordprocessingML) document. The main objective is creating a presentation file (PresentationML) based on the main elements of an existing WordprocessingML document. We identified titles, headings, images, lists and tables as elements that may sum a report, whitepaper or other kind of textual documents into a presentation. And with that, this demonstration aims on identifying and converting these elements from WordProcessingML to PresentationML in an easy, quick and automizated way.

Demo 05 - Document Warehouse Management

This demonstration has the objective of showing the management of large ammounts of documents on the WordProcessingML, PresentationML and SpreadSheetML formats in a programatic way.

Demo 06 - Electronic Collaboration

This demonstration show some easy approaches to deal with collaboration using the new Office Open XML file format. To implement this, it is used a database that contains the content of several documents WordprocessingML and a web page that offer to users how they can choose a document and its respective parts for editting. Is there a control of what parts of the document are being changed at a given moment, then all the users can edit the document collaboratively at the same time (in different parts).

Demo 07 - Document Format Converting

This demonsrtation show a simple way of sharing WordprocessingML documents with business partners. We use a web system where users can upload documents to share and then it can be acessed by a business partner. This partner can download the original file and can also dowload its ODF (ODT) version and view its HTML version on the web browser. This demonstration deals with lots of conversions to make this document available in several formats.

Demo 08 - Reports Creation

This application demonstrates how you can use Office Open XML File Formats to create reports with informations retrieved from data repository (such as XML files, web services and data bases). Using a web interface, this demonstration show the data retrieved from a XML file and allow the user to create a SpreadsheetML report containing these data and allowing rich interaction with this markup's features, like charts and tables.

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